Why Should You Create an Exhibiting Measurement Report?


As an exhibit/marketing manager, here are two important questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. What percent of your total marketing budget do you allocate toward trade shows?
  2. How much of your time is spent managing the company’s tradeshow program?

According to CEIR research, the average company allocates 41.3% of their marketing budget toward exhibit and event marketing. I think you’ll agree this represents the lion’s share in terms of media spend.

If part of your job is tied up in managing your company’s tradeshow program, you never want to be in a position where management walks in and asks, “What did we get from our last tradeshow?” and not have specific answers.

To be sure you are prepared, I suggest creating an Exhibit Performance & ROI Report. This report can serve as a template and a consistent reporting format for management and stakeholders.

Here are the key sections of the Exhibit Performance & ROI Report:

  1. Show information: dates, venue, attendance, exhibitors, etc.
  2. Exhibit information: size, type, location, demonstrations, etc.
  3. Exhibiting goals & objectives & progress made
  4. Leads: goal/actual, quality of leads by priority, cost per lead and potential value of leads, routing and reporting processes, etc
  5. Estimated total booth traffic compared to Exhibit Interaction Capacity
  6. Cost Per Visitor Interaction: compared to other shows and other media
  7. Effectiveness of pre & at-show marketing: media used, cost, reach, response, etc.
  8. Key customers, VIPs and key opinion leaders met
  9. Competitive summary
  10. Public relations and media exposure
  11. Final show budget versus actual w/benchmarks and ROI actual and forecasts.
  12. Lessons learned & recommendations for next show.

Take the time now to create your Exhibit Performance & ROI Report format for your next show. Then, when the show is over, complete the report and forward to management and stakeholders.

P.S.  To help you save time, be sure to check out the “Post Show Exhibiting Performance Management Report Template” available on tradeshowturnaround.com.