Companies make a significant investment of human and financial capital into tradeshows. Too often, their current approach to exhibiting is causing the program to end up as “expensive appearances” versus “productive, profitable investments”.

If your exhibit program is performing properly, it 1) visibly and directly supports your core business objectives, and 2) delivers measurable financial value far beyond cost.  How well is your exhibit program performing?

Two factors often limiting a company’s ability to achieve these two important outcomes are:

1.  The majority of pre-show time is “spent” on logistical/operations issues, and not enough time on the critical strategic factors that influence results.

2.  Individual and/or organizational perspectives, lack of understanding the real value of the exhibiting opportunity, and lack of a structured process.

The Tradeshow Turnaround tm program is a robust, comprehensive process 30 years in the making and is comprised of two parts.  (Services can also be provided a la carte.)

PART ONE: Tradeshow Turnaround tm Web Consulting Services

Purpose:  To assist client’s exhibition, marketing and sales teams by providing perspectives, practical proven processes and implementation management tools to improve exhibiting performance and ROI.

Exhibiting By Objectives Process Consulting – 16 weeks before the show

We provide a discovery questionnaire, briefing documents, EBO planning and implementation tools and a 90 minute Exhibiting by Objectives strategic planning web-session to:

* Present Tradeshow Turnaround program perspectives and strategic practices to executive management and tradeshow team
* Review previous show goals & results
* Clarify show audience and decide what solutions to feature
* Define marketing, sales, and CRM goals relative to show audience
* Define top 3 reasons for exhibiting
* Use Exhibiting By Objectives planning tools to convert reasons to SMART goals and create written action plans
* Use Lead to Sales Goal Setting tool to set interaction, lead, sales, and ROI targets              

Selective Attraction Pre/At-Show Marketing Process Consulting – 12 weeks before the show

Goal:  Identify and attract enough of the right people and build/maintain brand awareness.

Provide review of previous or currently planned pre-show marketing plans and documents. Provide a questionnaire, briefing documents and a 90 minute strategic web-session to:

* Present C/P/S program to sales/business development leads
* Calculate Exhibit Interaction Capacity
* Define Ideal Visitor Profile, Identify internal/external list sources and counts
* Visit show website to evaluate exhibitor marketing ops
* Discuss and determine which marketing media to utilize
* Develop messaging: company and product specific, and strategies to increase response rates to your marketing
* Provide template to define your value proposition and develop a targeted marketing plan that helps you manage the process
* Draft marketing calendar with action dates
* Provide direction, review and feedback of client generated marketing

 Closed Loop Lead Management Process Consulting – 6 weeks before the show

Goal:  Obtain more and better leads that result in higher conversion to sales.

Provide review of client’s current tradeshow lead capture, qualification, grading, follow-up, and reporting processes with a 60-90 minute strategic web-session to:

* Define lead qualification criteria
* Evaluate and improve lead capture device
* Identify lead grading criteria and develop lead grading matrix
* Review post-show lead distribution and follow-up program
* Discuss strategies to increase lead conversion and reporting
* Draft post-show lead follow-up and reporting plan

 Exhibit Performance & ROI Measurement Consulting – 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after the show

Goal:  Create a well documented program that proves value and ROI of the exhibit program and encourages constant improvement.

Facilitate live 60-90 minute strategy session with the following agenda:

* Review post-show lead distribution and follow-up program
* Review goals and results achieved
* Identify and calculate relevant tradeshow performance and financial metrics
* Provide Exhibiting Impact and ROI report template

 Important Notes about Exhibiting Consulting Web Sessions:

* Web sessions are conducted live via Go To Meeting for up to 25 people.
* Sessions are recorded, and a .wmv file of sessions are delivered to client for replay viewing.
* Assignments are given during sessions and target completion dates for review are determined.


PART TWO:           Exhibit Staff Training Services

Purpose: Provide an integrated educational, motivational, skills development program that increases staff awareness of the value of exhibiting, improves focus and skills by teaching, reinforcing and coaching customer solution-focused exhibit interaction skills.

Staff Training

* Pre-show exhibit staff-prep web briefing
* Before show live staff training workshop
* In-booth live coaching with kickoff and recap meeting

– The Exhibiting Opportunity and How to Exploit It
– Company’s Exhibiting Goals & Your Roles as a Staffer
– The Dynamics of Exhibiting and Rules of Exhibitorship
– 2 exhibit engaging scenarios with role playing engaging exercises
– 3 types of visitors and how to deal with each type
– How to disengage from unproductive interactions
– The power of understanding – building a structured questioning process
– Creation of “must-ask” front-end and back-end questions
– Creation and delivery of your company story
– The “real” purpose of an in-booth presentation
– How to hit visitor’s information bulls-eye with presentations
– Development of 60 second messages for featured products
– Process for securing visitor commitment to the next step
– Improvement of lead capture device and skills for capturing more and better lead information

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