Consider the following exposition industry facts: Today, the average attendee is spending 1.5 fewer days at a tradeshow. 76% are pre-planning their agenda before they arrive. The average attendee only stops at 26 to 31 exhibits. 50% of their exhibit stops are pre-planned. Because of these changing attendee behaviors, it is critically important for […]

  How does your company decide how much floor space to rent? Can you say you use a scientific approach that helps you take full advantage of the tradeshow opportunity? Or is it based more on how much space you rented last year or how well business is going right now? The decision process you […]

  As an exhibit/marketing manager, here are two important questions you may want to ask yourself: What percent of your total marketing budget do you allocate toward trade shows? How much of your time is spent managing the company’s tradeshow program? According to CEIR research, the average company allocates 41.3% of their marketing budget toward […]

  Social media can be an effective way to promote your presence at a tradeshow and keep your brand or product/service on the mind of attendees.  Following are tradeshow social media best practices and a couple ideas for post content: If you’re new to social media marketing or don’t have much time, don’t try to […]

  One of the most important questions you can ask in planning your exhibit is “Who is our ideal visitor and what do you want them to experience, remember and do?” A crystal clear answer to this question will help you create a unique and compelling exhibit experience that attracts more of the right attendees. […]

  Exhibit and event staffing is too often not given enough attention by exhibiting companies. Many companies simply do not spend enough time thinking about the best team members to staff the booth and attend in other roles. Staffing is critical because events are about in-person, face-to-face marketing. One of the main reasons that attendees and […]

  There are two important outcomes an exhibit program should deliver for your company:      1.  Every dollar and every hour invested should visibly and directly support your company’s core business objectives.      2.  Deliver measurable financial value beyond cost. The first MAJOR question every exhibiting company should ask is: “When the show […]

  If exhibiting ROI is the name of your game, lead management is the playbook! Unfortunately, what many exhibitors call leads are not really leads at all. A person walks into their booth, a booth staffer quickly scans their badge with no real engagement, doesn’t ask any qualifying questions, and then moves on to the […]

  The competition for attendee’s time and attention at a tradeshow is fierce. The days of wandering up and down every aisle and falling into a lot of booths at random are gone. Attendees will only spend time with exhibitors who they believe can add value to their business, career or life. If you want […]

  So you’ve decided to exhibit at your first tradeshow? Congratulations! You have made a wise and prudent decision. Without question, tradeshows are one of your most effective sales and marketing media, if done properly. You can get more done in three or four days at the right show than you could in weeks or […]