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  As we wind down 2018 and look forward to 2019, I have two important questions for you: What percent of the marketing budget do you think companies allocate to exhibit/event marketing? What percent of marketing professionals with college degrees received exhibit marketing as part of their university curriculum? According to the Center for Exhibition […]

  How does your company decide how much floor space to rent? Can you say you use a scientific approach that helps you take full advantage of the tradeshow opportunity? Or is it based more on how much space you rented last year or how well business is going right now? The decision process you […]

  So you’ve decided to exhibit at your first tradeshow? Congratulations! You have made a wise and prudent decision. Without question, tradeshows are one of your most effective sales and marketing media, if done properly. You can get more done in three or four days at the right show than you could in weeks or […]