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  Consider the following exposition industry facts: Today, the average attendee is spending 1.5 fewer days at a tradeshow. 76% are pre-planning their agenda before they arrive. The average attendee only stops at 26 to 31 exhibits. 50% of their exhibit stops are pre-planned. Because of these changing attendee behaviors, it is critically important for […]

  Social media can be an effective way to promote your presence at a tradeshow and keep your brand or product/service on the mind of attendees.  Following are tradeshow social media best practices and a couple ideas for post content: If you’re new to social media marketing or don’t have much time, don’t try to […]

  The competition for attendee’s time and attention at a tradeshow is fierce. The days of wandering up and down every aisle and falling into a lot of booths at random are gone. Attendees will only spend time with exhibitors who they believe can add value to their business, career or life. If you want […]