Show Analysis & Selection E-Book and Tool


Tired of running from show to show to show, with little breathing space between?

Wish you were able to reduce the number of shows and eliminate low and non-performing shows from your calendar?

With so many shows competing for your limited financial and human resources, how do you go about analyzing and selecting the best shows for your company?

The singular focus of this e-book and companion tool is to quickly give you the knowledge, resources and a step-by-step show analysis process you can use immediately.

By investing a little time to read the e-book and use the show analysis and selection tool, you’ll no longer have to play the guessing game or just go on past experience as the primary reasons why you do certain tradeshows. You will have a structured and organized show evaluation process that will help you gather, assimilate, analyze and make smarter tradeshow decisions based on a thorough, replicable analysis and selection process. You will be able to weed out low value or under-performing events. This will free up financial and human resources so you can execute the best shows more effectively and deliver more value and return on investment for your company. Weeding one non-performing show off your calendar will pay for this book and tool many, many times over.

Product Information:

  • Downloadable e-Book, pdf format
  • Downloadable Excel spreadsheet