Post Show Exhibiting Performance Management Report Template


Is senior management pressing you for information on how the tradeshow program is supporting core business objectives and delivering value for your company?

Want to increase your status and visibility within the company?

Looking for a practical and easy to apply tool to help justify and communicate your exhibiting program performance and results?

Our Exhibit Performance Management Report template is just the tool you’ve been looking for.

This pre-designed and formatted reporting template will help you gather all the key information about the event and use state-of-the-art tradeshow performance analytics along with tradeshow financial performance metrics to quickly communicate your exhibiting program to anybody who needs to know.

Not only will it be a great tool in helping you determine overall show performance, it will also help you cost justify the investment, and perhaps more importantly, identify the key lessons you can use to continually improve your exhibiting program. If return on investment is the name of the game, this is a report you cannot afford to be without.

Product Information:

  • Downloadable Word document