Exhibiting by Objectives Planning Tool


There are two approaches to exhibiting; 1. Exhibit By Objectives or 2. Exhibit By Hope.

If your company is not generating measurable results and financial value beyond cost, chances are you are Exhibiting by Hope.

Exhibiting by Objectives is a structured strategic planning process to help ensure that the large financial and human capital investment you’re making in exhibiting is visibly and directly supporting your organization’s core business objectives, and delivering measurable financial value beyond cost.

This dynamic and customizable planning tool will help you:

  1. Identify and engage departments/business units and stakeholders, determine what specific business objectives they are trying to accomplish, and collaborate on how the exhibit program can better support them
  2. Convert broad or general departmental objectives to SMART exhibiting goals
  3. Create a written action plan for achieving each goal
  4. Manage the execution and achievement of each goal
  5. Document and compare results to stated goals
  6. Identify key lessons for continual improvement

If you’re actively looking to improve the measurable results your exhibiting program delivers, this is a tool you must include as part of your strategic planning process.

Product Information:

  • Downloadable Excel spreadsheet