Importance of Adding Education to Your Booth Experience


When designing your visitor’s experience in your booth, it’s important to step back and think about the primary reasons why people attend trade shows.

  1. To Learn
  2. To Network
  3. To Source or Influence Purchasing Decisions

In many trade shows where the conference leads the exhibit hall, the primary reason attendees come is for continuing education and to learn.  If you want a booth full of interested, open-minded attendees, you need to step away from the idea of branding and selling your products/services and step towards the idea of quickly and interactively teaching your target audience something valuable and useful.

Remember, no one wants to be sold, but everyone wants to learn valuable and useful information that can help them in their profession.  It’s also important to remember that YOU are the subject matter expert on your products and services.  Attendees probably have very little in-depth knowledge about the situations that create a need for your product, the applications for your product, and the important information they need to take into consideration when evaluating and making a buying decision for your type of product or service.

Rather than thinking about how can we sell or market our products or services, come from the angle of what can we teach attendees about our products or services that would help them improve their operations, reduce costs, increase profitability, deliver better patient care, or whatever other benefits your product or service offers.

Once you’ve identified two or three important things you can quickly teach a visitor in your booth, be sure to integrate your learning value proposition into all of your pre- and at-show marketing communications.

By teaching versus marketing or selling, you will better align with the primary reasons people attend trade shows, you’ll have a booth full of open-minded, eager to learn visitors, and ultimately you will achieve better exhibiting ROI.