Does Your Exhibit Answer the Three Primary Questions in Attendees’ Minds?


If you want an exhibit filled with interested and qualified attendees at your next show, now is the time to stand outside of your exhibit and look at it through the eyes of an attendee.

In almost every tradeshow, there are more booths than any attendee could ever stop at.

If you’re going to make sure your booth becomes one of their stops, it is critically important that your exhibit — regardless of size — quickly and visually answers the three primary questions in attendees’ minds.

Question 1. WHAT DO YOU DO?  As attendees walk the visually cluttered tradeshow floor, their brains are hard-wired to quickly notice products and services that relate to their top of the mind interests, needs and concerns.  You must make absolutely sure that you are not forcing attendees to try to figure out what you do. The truth is, they will not take the time – they’ll just pass right by your booth.

Question 2. WHY SHOULD I CARE? When it comes to evaluating a potential product or service, there are really only two major questions…

#1. Why would someone be interested or need it all?

#2. Why should they be interested in potentially buying it from you?

Visually and quickly answering the first question is about clearly and concisely stating a problem or an opportunity. Answering the second question is about communicating what makes your product or service different or better than your competition.

Question 3. WHO ARE YOU? In our 25,000+ exhibit evaluations, most exhibitors do a pretty good job of communicating who they are. Sometimes we see the company identity placed below the sight line or blocked by products, displays or even their booth staff! Be sure that your company name and logo is placed at or slightly above eye level.

Often, we see companies spend a lot of money to rig a hanging sign with their company name. If an attendee is not familiar with the company name, they will have no idea what you do. It is a great idea to make sure that your top-tier signage includes not just your company name, but also a short descriptive of what you do.

By making sure your exhibit quickly and visually answers these three questions, you will dramatically increase the odds of interested attendees noticing your exhibit and deciding to stop and engage.