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  FACT: The tradeshow budget is usually spent by marketing personnel of which 98% did not receive one single hour of formal exhibiting education. Source: Informal exhibition industry research Only 30 of the 9000+ degree granting institutions in North America offer exhibiting courses as part of their curriculum. ACTION: Even if you’ve been executing exhibits […]

  For too many exhibitors, tradeshow lead follow-up means sending out literature, making a few phone calls, sending an email, and if the prospect doesn’t respond quickly, giving up. This is in sharp contrast to what the highly successful exhibitor does. The real purpose of a good lead management process is to be there when they buyer […]

  There are so many factors that must be taken into consideration when designing an exhibit that really works. And while your exhibit house should be the experts on ensuring your exhibit works, it is helpful for exhibit and marketing managers to have a working knowledge of effective exhibit design principles. Here are two critical […]