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  Exhibits are like a billboard on a busy freeway. Attendees are flying down the aisle at 70 miles per hour. There’s a lot of visual clutter competing for their attention.   Your exhibit must QUICKLY grab visual attention and force them to look at it. Here are 5 ways to improve the attention grabbing impact […]

  One of the most overlooked values exhibiting at tradeshows delivers is the proven ability to dramatically reduce your Cost Per Interaction (CPI) and thereby save your company money. According to CEIR research, the average cost of a business-to-business field sales call in North America ranges from $596-$1,114. One powerful way marketing and exhibit managers […]

  Tradeshows are primarily about face-to-face contact with your market. Therefore, booth staffing is a critical success factor. One of the biggest mistakes we see while conducting E3 Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluations falls under the category of booth staffing. The first major question is: “How many people should you have in your booth?” Over-staffing or under-staffing […]

  When designing your visitor’s experience in your booth, it’s important to step back and think about the primary reasons why people attend trade shows. To Learn To Network To Source or Influence Purchasing Decisions In many trade shows where the conference leads the exhibit hall, the primary reason attendees come is for continuing education and to […]

  As we wind down 2018 and look forward to 2019, I have two important questions for you: What percent of the marketing budget do you think companies allocate to exhibit/event marketing? What percent of marketing professionals with college degrees received exhibit marketing as part of their university curriculum? According to the Center for Exhibition […]

  The personality of an event is defined as the primary reason why attendees go to the event. While most are a blend of personalities, typically every event has a dominant personality. The key is to understand the dominant personality and to determine if this personality supports your company’s marketing and sales objectives.  With this […]

  Often, when attempting to determine whether to exhibit at a tradeshow or not, some exhibitors quickly look at the geographical location of the show and make an instant decision not to exhibit because the show is not in their region. While in some cases this may be the right decision, I believe every exhibitor […]

  Give Thanks Description: One of the most effective ways to disengage is to simply thank the person for visiting and tell them to feel free to look around the booth or enjoy the show and then step back or away from them. When to use: When you’ve engaged them, asked a few qualifying questions, […]