5 Eye-Opening Exhibiting Facts: And What Exhibitors Need to Do About Them


  1. FACT: The tradeshow budget is usually spent by marketing personnel of which 98% did not receive one single hour of formal exhibiting education. Source: Informal exhibition industry research
    • Only 30 of the 9000+ degree granting institutions in North America offer exhibiting courses as part of their curriculum.
    • ACTION: Even if you’ve been executing exhibits for years, it’s a mistake to assume you or your team knows all there is to know about the topic.  The body of exhibiting knowledge has exploded over the last several years and very few exhibitors are keeping up. Seek out the latest knowledge and use it!
  2. FACT: 76% of exhibitors set no specific objectives for tradeshows. Source Exhibitor Magazine
    • ACTION: Identify your top reasons for exhibiting, convert those reasons to measurable goals, back them up with workable actions plans, communicate the plan, monitor execution and measure results.
  3. FACT: 80% of exhibitors do little or no targeted pre-show marketing. Source: CEIR research
    • ACTION: Attendee behaviors have changed over the last several years. Take every opportunity to learn about the behavioral changes and use targeted pre and at-show marketing to get “in the mind” and “on the agenda” of the right attendees.
  4. FACT: 86% of exhibit staffers have never received one single hour of professional skills training on how to work a tradeshow. Source: Informal exhibition industry research
    • ACTION: Put your best people forward at tradeshows. Seek out and provide professional exhibiting skills training. It can make or break the overall effectiveness of your exhibit.
  5. FACT: 86% of companies have no organized form of post-show measurement. Source: Exhibitor Magazine
    • Most companies only see what they spend and question what they are getting. Learn how to use easy-to-apply tradeshow performance metrics to measure and report exhibiting performance and results.

If your organization can relate with any of these facts, decide now to learn all you can about effective exhibiting. Get active, get involved, use what makes sense for your company.